About Me

Hello my name is Angel hargrove, I'm a mother to 3 awesome boys and married to my best friend, and a type one diabetic. I got into crafting when I first became a mother, it started with scrap booking and I had one of the very first cricuts with the cartridges and 6"by 12" mats :). Crazy to look back on how much things have evolved and gotten better. My husband got me my first printer I set up for sublimation and then I started making custom designs for people's tumblers and shirts. I looked into selling on shopifyand thought to myself "why not?". My health has came with it's challenges and I'm a full time manager at sonic. My hope eventually is to make my sublimation designs and my business my full time job once it takes off ;). I love making things that make people happy and that are sentimental. Fingers crossed anyway. That's a little about me I wanted to share and feel free to message and ask if you have any questions.